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Apartment Inspection Punchlist Mobile App

The Apartment Inspections Punch list mobile app provides a full checklist of items to review when doing an apartment walk-through once a resident has moved out. The inspection checklist app, designed specifically for rental property inspections, covers all the important areas of a rental property, including appliances, lighting, carpeting, electrical, paint and plumbing. With this helpful app, landlords can quickly run through the inspection checklist from their smartphone or tablet, eliminating the need for paper forms.

Do you own multiple rentals and have to perform several inspections at different real estate properties throughout the day? Use the app for all rental inspections and get a complete electronic record that you can access at any time. To protect your rights as a property owner, it’s important to keep complete records of all move-out inspection checklists and building inspection reports in case a former tenant has questions about why their deposit was withheld. Per tenant and landlord laws, all move-out items must be completed in order for the security deposit to be returned to the tenant. If there are problems found during the move-out inspection, the property owner has the right to use the deposit to cover the cost of repairs. Using the app for all apartment inspections is the easiest way to check that a rental property has been left in good condition as agreed upon in the rental agreement.

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Conducting customer surveys about natural gas pipeline operations and public awareness is now just a few taps away! With this mobile application, you can get quick feedback from your customers to get a better understanding of public opinion regarding pipeline safety in their area. Users can take a quick survey, enter their contact information and sign off to validate information. You can do all of this from any mobile device and in real time!

This survey for customers, made specifically for Boston Market, but applicable to any food establishment, asks the user a variety of questions concerning his or her opinion of the establishment’s food, service, and menu choices. In addition, the form asks the user whether he or she would be willing to eat at Boston Market sometime in the future as well as other questions that relate to the question of repeat business.

This survey form for Famous Dave’s is meant to be filled out by a customer of the catering service. In addition to basic information about the customer, the form records information about the customer’s experience with the catering service, including how the customer learned of Famous Dave’s, the quality of the food, and the quality of service. Although made specifically for Famous Dave’s, this form can easily be modified for use by any catering service in need of a customer satisfaction survey.

A customer survey form for Logitech clients.

This electronic form serves as a general form which records any comments from both employees and customers about Papa John’s Pizza. These comments may vary from the quality of the food to problems with the website. Although made for Papa John’s Pizza, this form can be easily adapted to suit the needs of any other business wanting the input of both customers and employees.

The Stoby’s Restaurant Customer Satisfaction Survey aims to gather basic information about customers’ opinions of the restaurant’s service, food, and menu selections. As such, the form’s user base should be the customers of the restaurant. The form also allows for input of the user’s name and email address as well as any additional comments he or she may have.

This mobile application provides a driver vehicle inspection report for an Oil and Gas delivery vehicle. All basic information is tracked along with inspection points for the power unit, towed units, and cargo tanks. Also records are kept of any shutdown tests, additional remarks, details of the reporting driver, and details of the reviewing driver. Signature capture for authorization is also included with this business app. Each screen is extensive to ensure that no checks are missed and that the inspection optimizes driver and product safety.

A customer survey application mean for all hardware store clientes (including The Home Depot). A very simple one-page form that lists a series of questions for the client. This requires basic responses that range from asking for ratings 1 through 10, or simpler yes or no questions. These surveys are usually taken online, but now can be done all through a mobile device!

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