Feb 29 2020

Port Townsend WA homes for rent, Property Management, and Rentals by John L Scott Real Estate, rental listings.

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Property Management and Rentals

in Port Townsend, Kala Point, Cape George,

Port Hadlock, and surrounding communities

Rental listingsRental listingsRental listingsRental listings

Rental listings

Rental listings

Rental listings

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While owning your own home is usually a sound investment there are times when renting makes more sense.

  • Rental listingsMaybe y ou’re thinking of moving to the Port Townsend area but aren’t ready to buy yet. You may like to make sure this is the place for you before you invest in a home. Maybe you’d like to spend some time here and explore the area, experiencing all four seasons before you commit to purchasing a home. In that case, renting is the perfect solution for you.
  • If you’re moving to Port Townsend from another area and are having your dream home built, renting while you build gives you the opportunity to be near the home during construction. This makes it easier for you to make on-the-spot decisions about the multitude of questions that come up as a home is being built.
  • Perhaps you’re nearing retirement and are planning on moving to Port Townsend or one of the nearby communities upon your retirement. Real estate isn’t going to get less expensive as time goes on. Buying a home now and renting it until you move here makes a lot of sense. Plus you’ll be accruing value in your home through appreciation.
  • You may choose to live in the Port Townsend area part of the time, such as during our incredibly wonderful summers, and live in a warmer, drier climate during winter. Renting a house part-time is a viable solution for many.

Whatever your reason for renting, you can be assured of top-quality service from the Property Mangement team at John L. Scott in Port Townsend.

Rental listings

John L. Scott Property Management is an award-winning firm that offers industry-leading expertise in property management.

With over twenty-two years experience managing a variety properties throughout the Jefferson County, John L. Scott Property Management offers:

Rental listingsRental listings

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