Apr 4 2020

Istanbul Property and Istanbul Real Estate, istanbul apartments.

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Lilimont – Targeted Investments

Istanbul apartments

Lilimont specializes in the sale and rental of Istanbul property. Our Istanbul real estate investment experience and property sourcing expertise allow us to provide a very unique and bespoke real estate agency.[google-translator]

Why Lilimont?

The Lilimont partners offer a personal and comprehensive service with 10 years experience in Istanbul property providing in-depth knowledge of all aspects relating to property sourcing and purchase. Understanding the culture, purchase process and potential pitfalls are all paramount.

Why Istanbul?

Istanbul sits at the crossroads of East and West and has always been of international strategic importance. It is now more important than ever as an integral piece of the global political and economic jigsaw puzzle.

Property search

We specialize in central Istanbul as our local real estate knowledge in neighbourhoods such as Cihangir, Galata, Tarlabasi, Nisantasi and Besiktas is unparalleled.

Please begin your Istanbul real estate search by clicking on the link below. You can then search either with our interactive map, or directly through our full listings.

Large residential apartment projects

Istanbul apartments

Istanbul apartments

Istanbul apartments

Istanbul apartments

Istanbul apartments

Istanbul apartments

Istanbul apartments

Istanbul apartments

Istanbul apartments

Istanbul apartments

Istanbul apartments

Blog – Undercover Agent in Istanbul

An everyday search for property in central Istanbul

This Blog chronicles the everyday life and culture of property sourcing and dealing in Istanbul, showing how and where it’s done, and specific insights what to look out for.

Istanbul Property Expert

Hi I’m Keith, originally from Nova Scotia with Canadian/Irish ancestry.

There are no gimmicks or short cuts to finding a good property, it’s all about being on the ground researching day in day out

I’ve lived and worked as a teacher in 3 different Oriental countries before settling with my family in Istanbul. I have been sourcing, dealing and selling property in central Istanbul for near 10 years, building up a sizable property portfolio for myself and helping many others get involved on the way.

Istanbul is the living breathing soul of trade, millenniums of commercial trading between the East and West have engrained a culture of ‘doing the deal’. My fluency in Turkish and years of on the ground property deals carried out over a glass of chai have gained me respect and won me admission to the Elite Istanbul School of hard knocks negotiation.

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Undercover agent in Istanbul

An everyday search for property

Happenings in Autumn 2017

Tue, 24 Oct 2017 10:17:13 +0000

Visa crisis and 3 great property deals The latest visa crisis between Turkey and the US has certainly got many people worried, perhaps none more so than foreign owners of property in the respective properties. Turks have been avid Continue reading

The pulse of the market: Spring 2016 Istanbul

Wed, 27 Apr 2016 12:03:34 +0000

This is shaping up to be quite an unpredictable year for Istanbul property. Those familiar with the Istanbul real estate scene will know that this is not exactly a new phenomenon. One of the biggest surprises so far has been Continue reading

Carrefour on my street – Guest blog

Mon, 04 Apr 2016 14:16:42 +0000

I have been coming to Istanbul regularly since 2008 and even in that short period the changes are amazing. I recall being really pleased when the Belediye replaced the paving on our street, but that is nothing compared to some Continue reading

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