Apr 7 2020

London Ontario Real Estate: Homes & Townhouses for Sale: Jeff McFalls, Remax, Rent vs, townhouses for rent.

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Jeff McFalls, Real Estate Agent

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Welcome to my London real estate website. My goal with this site is to give you as much information as possible to help you find the home of your dreams in London Ontario Canada and other parts of Middlesex County, including Ailsa Craig, Arva, Delaware, Ilderton, Kilworth, Komoka, Lucan, Parkhill, Strathroy, Thorndale.

No matter how many London area real estate listings are on this site, though, there is some information that you simply can t get by looking at photos and examining the square footage of each room. What is the neighbourhood like? Who was the original developer of the community and did they do things on-the-cheap, or were they noted for their quality workmanship? Does the high school have a reputation — good or bad? Is this an older neighbourhood that is in the midst of revitilization, or one that is facing challenges? And so much more. When you ve been in this business as long as I have, you ve seen a lot — things that simply aren t part of the listing information. So, let s talk. No obligation — just a low-stress chat about what you are looking for in your next home, or what you re trying to achieve in selling your existing home. Just call me at 519-317-2503 or send me an email through my contact form. (Click here to read more. )

London Ontario Real Estate Listings

Whether you are looking for MLS property listings just outside of London, a condo apartment for sale in the downtown core near Victoria Park, new luxury residential houses in the Masonville area at the north end of London, UWO off-campus housing in Whitehills or investment properties in White Oaks, as one of the new breed of technology savvy Re/Max real estate agents in London, I can help you. And if you are looking to solve that rent vs buy in London Ontario dilemma when moving to the city, I can help you with up-to-date market prices, information on mortgages and much more.

Buying London Homes

If you are looking to buy a property, as a full-time professional real estate agent, it is my job to help find you the London Ontario home that best meets your needs , wants and, of course, budget. With my years of experience, I can help you find the best value in your dream home for your family, while ensuring that your real estate investment will provide you with long term growth. And at the negotiating table, I will be there to get you the deal that s best for you and your family as you make the move to or within London.

Selling a Home in London

And if you have a London area home that you are thinking of selling, consider this question: Do you want to list the property, or do you want to sell the property? There is a big difference. Anyone can list a property. But to sell the property and get the best price, you need to do a multitude of things correctly, including:

  • ensuring that the property has a significant on-line presence
  • highlighting the key desirable features of the home to the prospective target market
  • and a thousand other things that you might not even consider if you haven t been in the real estate business for the length of time I ve been a Realtor in London.

Living in London, Ontario

Having lived in the London area for my whole life, I am happy to make recommendations to my buyers who are new to the area for all the services you ll need as you get settled in your new community. London is a great city, and everything you could need or want is right here, and easy to reach. There is ample choice for all your retail needs, from unique one-of-a-kind shops to big box stores and malls, plus a vast range of grocery outlets that include fresh food markets like Sunripe and Remark as well as the more traditional chains like Loblaws, Sobey s, Metro, etc. Of course we have plenty of outlets of The Beer Store and the L.C.B.O.

You ll find that London has just about every major chain – of every kind – somewhere in town. In fact, we have often been the first city to sample new products and new business ideas (though we re still working on getting a full-sized IKEA). London has been called the perfect test market , and as such is often the first place marketers go to see if a new product or service is going to be successful.

So you ll be familiar with much of what we have to offer when it comes to your everyday basics like groceries, car repairs, household goods, furniture appliances, kids stuff, gas stations, coffee shops and the like. But what you may want some help with is the services and products where the individual proprietor matters to you – an accountant or a bakery or a lawyer, for example. Here are some unsolicited recommendations, and please feel free to ask me about other queries you may have: If you need to find London Ontario dentists for yourself and your family, my number one suggestion is Dental Studio. They have two locations in London, plus another north of the city, and I know you ll find the staff to be super friendly and the dental care to be excellent. If you need a reputable and reliable company to handle your new home s HVAC London Ontario, I assure you that you can rely on Dave and his team at Builders Choice Air Systems (519-642-7000).

Whether you are buying or selling (or both), you need to have someone on your side who can advise you on the value of the London home in question, the mortgage financing options, how a home inspection can save you a ton of money in the long run and who to deal with to handle the legalities of the property transfer. Not only can I provide you with advice on the options to consider, but I work with a lot of competent professionals in the mortgage, legal and home inspection businesses who can make the entire process a lot easier.

But the first step is to get an idea of the sort of house you d like to purchase, or to get an idea of what your home may be worth. Have a look through the listings on this website. Once you find a townhouse, house, or country estate for which you would like more sales information, please contact me or call me at 519-317-2503. I m here to help.

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