May 5 2020

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Grand County

Queens apartments

New Age Villas

Queens apartments




Queens apartments Queens apartments

Queens apartments


Queens apartments

Queens apartments


Queens apartments

Queens apartments



Building a brand, brick by brick! This literally is the journey of Travancore Builders. Cemented on trust, friendship and commitment, Travancore Builders was founded in the year 2007 with a vision to build residential spaces that fulfill the dreams and desires of its owners. The brand, today, has to its credit several successful projects—villas and apartments—each with a unique theme and customised execution.


Anas & James Associates the architectural company, part of the group, is well harmonized by Travancore Constructions.


Travancore Builders was established in 2006 and remains focused on projects in Kerala. Travancore is a leading construction company within the region and specializes in projects that serve the multi-family residential construction markets.


  1. Queens apartments
  2. Queens apartments

Queens apartments

Travancore Builders with its core competence in offering unmatched, aesthetically soothing architectural design skills offer a unique experience. The top notch quality of specifications, service, supportive staff and construction is amazingly excellent. Travancore’s knack of choosing convenient but uncongested locations is second to none. With a meticulously superb focus even on minute details of the design, the customer’s time is ..Read More

Grand county Neoclassic villas, Kochi​

Queens apartments

The search for our future home in Cochin led us to meet with Travancore Builders, whose partners Anas James, we found, were quickly becoming known for quality workmanship and timely execution of projects. This made our choice -Travancore Swiss Gardens easier; as we were specifically looking for a builder who had the sincere willingness to let us actively ..Read More

Villa 11 , Travancore Swiss Gardens

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